Proceedings and presentations of My Transfo 2023

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The digital pack includes conference proceedings and all presentations shown at the conference.

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  • 21 technical and scientific articles (202 pp.) + 28 ppt presentations
  • English language

  • Riccardo Actis
    Mineral oil to natural ester a validated practice for transformer retrofilling – p. 1
  • Omar Ali Al-Ghamdi
    Case history of an asset and risk management and maintenance strategy of oil-filled power transformers with corrosive sulfur in the Middle East area On-load integrated treatment of giant power transformers in a severe scenario – p. 9
  • Michel Donnadieu Bellon
    100 MVA transformer upgrading for noise reduction and better performance – p. 19
  • Fabrizio Ferrari
    Photovoltaic plants, the role of transformers and related design key points in Renewable Energy – p. 37
  • Veronika Haramija
    DGA, the ultimate tool for detecting anomalies in electrical equipment with insulating fluids – from basic concepts to real case studies – p. 45
  • Ufuk Kivrak
    Is There a Green Future for the Transformer Industry? – p. 55
  • Riccardo Maina
    Additives in natural esters what, when, how, and why – p. 69
  • Riccardo Maina
    The involvement of reactive and insulat-ing materials in predictive diagnostics for transformers – p. 77
  • Tony McGrail
    Condition Monitoring in the Renewables: Special Considerations – p. 83
  • Vojko Mrdic
    Using DVtest (DRM) method to detect bad contacts inside on-load tap changers – p. 91
  • Alfredo Ortiz Fernández
    The effect of temperature in the designs of power transformers that use biode-gradable esters as coolant (BIOTRAFO) – p. 97
  • Bruce Pahlavanpour
    Revised IEC Standard for Maintenance of In-Service Insulating Liquid – p. 105
  • Armando Pastore
    Challenging Aspects in Technologies and Design of High Voltage Transformer Bushings – p. 109
  • Diego Pattaro
    LFH (Low Frequency Heating) application case studies, performance, and benefits of this technique for on-site dehumidification of electrical transformers – p. 121
  • Christian Pössniker
    Is bubble formation a limiting factor for transformer short-time emergency overloading? – p. 135
  • Diego M. Robalino
    A compendium of transformer testing best practices and novel methodologies for field condition assessment – p. 153
  • Oleg Roizman
    Online Continuous Measurement and Interpretation of Moisture in Transformers – p. 161
  • Sameera Samarasinghe
    Formation, Pre-Detection, and Mitiga-tion of Silver Sulfide Corrosion on On-Load Tap Changers (OLTCs) 171
  • Jean Sanchez
    Oil Analysis on High Voltage Bushings: Use of Fleet Statistics – p. 177
  • Fabio Scatiggio
    New insulation systems for high thermal performances and greener transformers – p. 183
  • Rafał Zaleski
    Importance of Correct Procurement Process of Power Transformers – p. 189
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