A&A Fratelli Parodi


Sustainability has been one of the core values of A&A Fratelli Parodi SpA since the company started operating, way back in 1955. The company has been refining vegetable oils and developing animal by-products at its Campomorone plant in Genoa ever since .
However, the Parodi family also soon introduced new methods and products, the result of a philosophy based on a ground-breaking use of Green Chemistry.
This vision, which combines a sharp focus on product quality and performance, on the customer, on the environment and on innovation, has led the company to develop, over time, the know-how that is now one of its distinguishing traits, together with a highly flexible production facility that is designed to allow broad diversification of its solutions, marking a genuine milestone in the industrial chemicals sector.

In the pursuit of innovation, the company has invested in technologies and equipment that have allowed it to add processing of plant esters alongside processing of natural oils and thus obtain sustainable solutions.

The ability to adapt to the broadest range of needs is also demonstrated by the adoption of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 22000 international certification standards and by the presence of an in-house laboratory dedicated to research and development, analysis and quality control.
The laboratories, among the best in their field in both Italy and Europe, guarantee that the products reflect the increasingly high quality standards, through continual testing and analysis performed by highly qualified personnel.
This work forms the basis for the supply of products distinguished by a greater stability over time, as well as minimising the risk of declines in performance or products that do not conform with the specifications.
The research and development department, as the ‘control room’ of the future, allows the company to adapt easily and to offer tailor-made application.

With a production capacity in excess of 40,000 tons of product and hundreds of tailor-made solutions for its customers, the true strength of the company lies in its ability to strike a balance between diversification, research and development and the know-how accrued over decades of experience.
This is one of the key factors in allowing the company to meet and satisfy the most stringent market needs.

Stability is another core value that sets A&A Fratelli Parodi apart from all the rest.

The company’s raw material back integration methods allow it to offer constant and reliable supplies to its customers. It also invests heavily in developing relationships of trust with its customers, who are looking for a company prepared to focus on and listen to their needs.

The company is organized in 3 production divisions:

dealing with vegetable liquids for industrial applications like lubricants, solvent/carriers, paints, coatings, plasticizer, quenching and insulating liquids. The latter one includes natural esters, synthetic esters, blended esters, and esters for capacitors.

Advanced biofuels,
production of advanced biodiesel, glycerine, and sustainable distillation by-products

Life Science,
production of natural actives for cosmetics application, cosmetics and personal care formulation and production, microalgae and extracts, and biotechnology.

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