Provisional agenda

Estimated percentage of completion: 40% - Update to the July 20, 2018

 To be defined…
▪ Richard Marek – Dupont (USA)

Characterization of different cellulose types using dielectric frequency response (FDS).
▪ Britta Pfeiffer – Omicron (Austria)

Increasead Lodability of Transformers Immersed in Natural Esters 
▪ Fabio Scatiggio – Terna (Italy)   

Round Table on “Natural esters” with
▪ to be defined
▪ Kevin Rapp – Cargill (USA)
▪ to be defined
▪ Russel Martin – M&I (UK)
Moderated by Fabio Scatiggio* – Terna (Italy)       

Degradation phenomena of natural esters 
▪ Riccardo Maina – Sea Marconi (Italy)                    

Qualification of Insulating Liquids for Tap-Changers 
▪ Rainer Frotscher – MR (Germany)            

Predictive and maintenance free tools and accessories for transformer and OLTC (or similar)               
▪ Stefano Vignali – MR (Italy)                       

On-site repair
▪ to be defined – Siemens (Italy)

To be defined
▪ to be defined – Siemens (Italy)

Round Table on “DGA Online monitoring, techniques and devices” with
▪ to be defined
▪ Tony McGrail – Morgan shaffer – Doble  (USA)
▪ to be defined
▪ Marco Tozzi – Camlin (Ireland)
Moderated by Luc Paulhiac* – EDF (France)

Condition monitoring on asset health indices and probability of failure with lessons learned updates from the field 
▪ Tony McGrail – Doble (USA)                      

Functional Properties of Insulating Liquids – From chemical structure to performance 
▪ Edward Casserly – Ergon (USA)                 

Expanding Transformer Loading Capacity with Natural Ester and TUK Paper Insulation System 
▪ Kevin Rapp – Cargill (USA)           

Power electrical transformers and fire risk reduction by using natural esters
▪ Massimo Pompili, Luigi Calcara – Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)

To be defined
▪ Shubhender Kapila – Missouri University (USA)

Structure générale de l'ordre du jour

18 décembre2018

  Premier jour de la conférence (de 9h00 à 18h00 environ)
  Dîner d’affaires et activités de détente (de 19h30 à 22h30)

décembre 2018

  Deuxième jour de la conférence (de 9h00 à 17h30 environ)
  Célébrations pour le 50ème anniversaire de Sea Marconi (de 20h00 à 23h00)

décembre 2018

  Visite au siège de Sea Marconi (Collegno – Turin) (à partir de 9h30)