What is My Transfo

My Transfo is the European reference point for enrichment and technical-professional updating in life cycle management (LCM) of Oil filled Transformers.
After missing the 2020 edition due to the pandemic, My Transfo breaks with its traditions and starts again from odd years.

The last My Transfo (2018) beat its own record of participants, giving life to a technical conference of the highest prestige and international standing and receiving unanimous plaudits for dynamism and the interaction with the participants and the experts.

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The agenda of My Transfo 2023 is being defined, however we can anticipate the 4 thematic areas of the entire meeting:


nowadays every decision cannot neglect its impact on the environment


means being able to know, for each piece of equipment, all the fundamental data including its entire past


it is not enough to know the equipment from the technical side, but their replacement value, the economic impact if unavailable, the domain regulations


My Transfo is an opportunity to listen concrete cases and learn how specific problems have been managed in other realities

For each thematic area, the top experts in the world will be selected. Each speaker will be asked to present practical content, propose concrete solutions (where possible), shed light on emerging critical issues, or describe the decision-making process that led their organization to choose one option over another

Why Participate?

My Transfo is an extraordinary opportunity for professional development and training with unique features among industry events

Opportunity to submit your issue and request support from top experts

Practical approach aimed at providing solutions

High-level speakers and content selected fairly and independently

4 language simultaneous translations

Simultaneous translation

My Transfo is the only industry event with simultaneous translation in 4 languages. The official language of the event is English, but each speech in the main hall will be simultaneously translated into Italian, French, and Spanish

Turin is waiting for you!

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