Roundtable video: comparison between online DGA monitoring devices

2_06 ROUND TABLE 2 - Online DGA Monitoring

Following the suggestions of many people interested in we are publishing the the video recordings of the roundtable held the last My Transfo.

The main market players participated, including: Schröder Karsten – MTE (Germany), Pérez Marcos – General electric (Spain), Skelly Donal – Qualitrol Corporation (Ireland), Tozzi Marco – Camlin Power ltd (Italy), Mc Grail Tony – Doble (USA) moderated by a true Transformer and switchyard expert, Paulhiac Luc – EDF (FRANCE).

Each of the participants expressed his point of view on three topics proposed by the moderator:

  1. different operating techniques,
  2. calibration system,
  3. maintenance needs,

Given the excessive size of the video file, we will publish the roundtable divided into 3 parts, one for each topic.

Watch the full videos here

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