My Transfo 2007 Brazil

Rio de Janeiro (BR), March 7-9, 2007

Event Info

Date March 7, 8, 9, 2007
Venue Rio de Janeiro (BR), Centro de Convenções Bolsa do Rio

Event Description

We are pleased to invite you at the first international edition “My Transfo Do Brasil 2007”, that will take place in Rio de Janeiro, March 7-9, 2007.

My Transfo was born in 2002 in Torino (Italy) from an initiative of Sea Marconi. It is a biannual event that represents an unique opportunity for operators working in this field to meet international experts and to improve their knowledge on normative, technical and management aspects.

Now also the operators from Latin America will have the opportunity to attend My Transfo, thanks to the collaboration between Terna Partecipações and Sea Marconi, that will provide participants with their know-how.

As in the former three European editions, My Transfo do Brasil will host some of the most esteemed international experts in the field of electrical transformers. Their speeches will address several issues, in detail contamination from “corrosive sulphur”, new diagnostic tools, techniques for decontamination, depolarization and dehalogenation of insulating oils, new standards for dielectric fluids, management of transformers from the technical, economic and insurance perspectives, and many other topics.