Anche quest’anno avremo il piacere di ospitare i massimi esperti per ogni settore applicativo.

Qui di seguito, i loro curriculum vitae completi.

Tumiatti Vander
Vander Tumiatti
President of My Transfo; General Partner (Sea Marconi, Italy)
Founder of Sea Marconi in 1968, is the inventor of more than 40 international patents for processes and technologies in the field of decontamination, detoxification, dehalogenation of Persistant Organic Pollutants.
He is also an International Technical Specialist for the interpretation of analytical results, diagnostics and life cycle management of insulating fluids and transformers.
He is the Italian representative in several International Working Groups: IEC T10 Assistant Secretary, Convenor of MT 31 (particles), member of TC 10 Working Group (21,22,24,25,32,33,34,35) Cenelec and Cigre. He published several papers in international conferences and technical journals.
He is the Editor of My Transfo Meeting and co-president of My Transfo do Brasil in cooperation with Terna and Sea Marconi.
He is also the coordinator of the European Project Haloclean for the thermo-chemical process of materials like WEEE and Biomasses for Bioenergy.
Duval Michel
Principal Consultant (Institut de recherche d'Hydro-Québec, Canada)
Dr Michel Duval obtained a B.Sc. and PhD. in chemical engineering in 1966 and 1970 and has worked for IREQ (Hydro-Quebec, Canada) since 1970. In the field of DGA, he is well-known for his Triangle method of interpretation, used worldwide, and for his other contributions to DGA (gas-in-oil standards, gas levels in service, on-line gas monitors). He has also been active in the field of electrical insulating oils and polymers. M.Duval is the convenor of several CIGRE, IEC and IEEE working groups. He holds 16 patents and is the author of more than 90 scientific papers and international standards. He is a Fellow of IEEE and of the Chemical Institute of Canada. He is the recipient of the IEEE Herman Halperin Electric Transmission and Distribution Award for 2012.  He may be contacted at duvalm@ireq.ca
Scatiggio Fabio
Fabio Scatiggio
Laboratory manager (Terna, Italy)
Fabio Scatiggio was born in Venice (Italy) on 16 November 1957.
Mr Scatiggio has been employed at ENEL the Italian National Company of Electricity since 1981. After the European deregulation of electrical market, ENEL was split in many different companies and he joined Terna (Italian National Electricity Transmission Company) where currently he works as Chemical Laboratory Manager at Maintenance Division in Venice (Italy). He is in charge for the analysis on liquids materials and transformers diagnostic. He is Italian representative in many IEC TC 10 (insulating liquids) working groups or maintenance teams.
He is expert member in D1 (materials) and A2 (transformers) CIGRE committee. He is manly involved in the WG on corrosive sulphur and oxidation stability problems. Some of his articles on corrosive sulphur are published on IEEE and CIGRE scientific literature.
Mr. Scatiggio received in 2008 the “IEC Award 1906” for his studies on the corrosive sulphur presence in insulating oil.
Hurm Christian
Christian Hurm
Manager Basic Development (Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR), Germany)
Studies of Applied Physics including PhD-thesis at the University of Regensburg untile 2008; Employee at Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen since July 2008 as engineer for "product approval and testing"; manager of the department for basic development of MR since May 2010
Maina Riccardo
maina riccardo
Laboratory Manager (Sea Marconi, Italy)
Since 2001 Riccardo Maina works for Sea Marconi Technologies, an Italian Company leader in diagnostic and maintenance of insulating liquids.
As Laboratory Manager of Sea Marconi he developed new analytical methods for oil analysis, diagnostics and decisional algorithms for test interpretation, software for data mining and LCA.
He's member of the Italian IEC TC10 National Committee since 2002, and is actively participating to several WGs and MTs of IEC TC10 and Cigre SC D1 and A2, dealing with analytical methods (particles, DGA, acidity, additives, metals), maintenance guides, guides for interpretation and diagnostics (oil degradation, DGA, thermal life of cellulose).
Riccardo Maina is author of papers on diagnostics, transformers LCA, corrosive sulphur.
Atanasova-Hoehlein Ivanka
Manager Material Testing Laboratory, (Siemens TR, Germany)
Manager Material Testing Laboratory, Siemens TR, Cigre and IEC Member Conductive and Insulating Materials for Transformers manufacturing: specifications, properties and applicable tests.
Schubert Donald S.
Executive Vice President (Marsh, USA)
Donald S. Schubert supports Power Industry accounts world wide for Marsh with more than 40 years experience.  
His extensive Boiler & Machinery (B&M) as well as Fire Protection experience includes management of;
- Target marketing initiatives,
-  Insurance carrier market management and placement strategies,
- New products development and alternatives to traditional insurance markets,
- Risk retention  strategies,
- Advanced loss prevention strategies and
- Claims negotiation.
 Programs of specific interest are;
-    Least Cost Asset Performance,
-    Combustion Turbine Insurability,
-    Risk Based Maintenance & Inspection for Fossil Plants
-    Economic Performance / Marginal Cost Analysis for generating units and plants.
-    Benchmarking of technologies insurability / financeability (Advanced clean Coal and Combustion turbine) as  examples

Efforts specific to the use of Capitol markets, Captives and Reinsurance capacities as alternatives to "Subsume" risk have been developed and modeled since 1997 for Marsh clients. Risk Profiling, Mapping, and Enterprise Risk Management have been developed at Marsh to support project development with Lenders, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Project Developers and the Insurance markets. This specifically applies to new technology risks such as clean coal (Ultra Super Critical technologies) Combustion Turbines, in the power industry.
Pompili Massimo
pompili massimo
Professor at University of Roma “La Sapienza”
He was born in Rome (Italy) on September 16, 1956. He received his Dr. Ing. Degree in 1981 and his Ph.D. Degree in 1985 in Electrical Engineering from the University of Roma “La Sapienza”. He joined the same University in 1989 as Researcher and since 1993 is Associate Professor on Components and Electrical Technologies and on Electrical Installations.
Since 1987 he is the Chairman of the TC10 Fluids for Electrotechnical Application of the Italian CEI, and has been since 1989 the Secretary of the same IEC Technical Committee.
His main interests concern electrical technology with particular reference to dielectric fluids and the characterization of new materials to be employed in electrical power components.
He has authored about 100 papers, presented at international conferences or published in permanent Italian and international scientific literature.
Nieto Fares Carolina
Electrical Engineer (UTE, Uruguay)
Carolina Nieto Fares started to work for UTE in Uruguay in 1991 as assistant engineer in
the Hydro Generation Department. Following completion of a sponsored engineering
degree at the ‘Universidad Mayor de la República Oriental del Uruguay’ she jointed to the
Power Electronics team formed in 1997 where she works for 13 years, first as project
engineer and later as maintenance engineer. Since 2010, she works in the Transmission
Stations Engineering area of UTE as responsible for transformer issues.
Alves Marcos
Technical and R&D Director (Treetech Sistemas Digitais Ltda, Brazil)

Graduate, Electrical Engineering by USJT (2001); Masters Degree, On-Line Monitoring Systems for Power Transformers by USP – São Paulo (2005); Currently a PhD – Electrical Engineering – USP – São Paulo (2013).

Specialist in Monitoring Systems for Power Transformers, On-Line Condensive Bushings Power Factor and Capacitance Monitors, Development of IED`s – Intelligent Electronic Devices for DGT area, Former member of the work group – CIGRÉ A2.23 – Transformer Monitoring, Currently member of the work group – CIGRÉ B3.21 – Maintenance centered in Trustworthiness for Substations,

Publisher of important National a International works on (a) Mathematical models for Diagnosis and Prognostics for Power Transformers, (b) Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence applied in Intelligent Sensors and Software for Digitizing an Monitoring of Power Transformers, Reactors and Breakers.

Smith Peter
Technology Manager (Shell Global Solutions, UK)
Peter Smith is the Technology Manager within Shell Global Solutions responsible for designing, developing and commercialising Shell Speciality Lubricants (which includes transformer oils and turbine oils) globally. He has a degree and PhD in Chemistry (University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK), and has been involved in the research and development of lubricants for International Oil and Lubricant Companies for the last 25 years. He has written and presented publications on the design and development of lubricants at various Internal Conferences and for various journals.
Rapp Kevin J.
Senior Chemist (Cargill OIL – Dielectric Fluids, USA)
Kevin J. Rapp graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a B.S. in Chemistry. While completing his undergraduate research in Lipid-Cellulose Interactions Chemistry, he received an undergraduate research honor from the American Society of Oil Chemists. Kevin began his working  career at the Thomas A. Edison Technical Center, part of the McGraw Edison Corp. in Sept. 1976. The company became part of Cooper Power Systems in 1985. In June 2012, the Envirotemp FR3 Fluid, which Kevin co-invented, became part of a new dielectric fluids business unit at Cargill Inc., where he is currently employed. Kevin spent 27 years in R&D researching insulating fluids and solids for electrical equipment, and about 9 years in marketing. He is involved in standards work at ASTM as Chairman of D27.15 and D27.91 Subcommittees, and is the Technical Advisor for the United States, which has responsibility for the ANSI/USNC TAG for IEC TC10 insulating fluids for electrotechnical applications. Kevin holds many US and International patents and has published numerous papers. His most recent publication was presented at the International Conference for High Voltage Engineering (ICHVE) in Shanghai, China from September 17-20, 2012. He was invited to Chair a Workshop for Alternative Insulating Fluids at the ICHVE 2012 Conference that hosted presentations from industry experts from around the World.
Beynon Steve
Business Development Manager (FLIR SYSTEMS LTD, UK)
FLIR Systems Area Sales Manager April 2006 to December 2010
FLIR Systems EMEA Business Development Manager – Optical gas Imaging December 2012 to date
Bossi Antonio
Technical consultant (Studio Antonio Bossi, Italy)
For long time with the Electrical Research Department of ENEL and from 1978 holder of the chairs of Construction of Electrical Machines and Electrical Measurements at Pavia University, Italy. Chairman of CENELEC TC 14 "Power transformers" and active member in IEC TC 14. Convenor of IEC TC14 MT 06 charged of the revision of IEC 60076-2: Power Transformers – Temperature rise for liquid-immersed transformers. In Italy he is Chairman of the CT 38 “Trasformatori di misura” and Vice-Chairman of the CT 14 "Trasformatori di potenza". He received the IEC Lord Kelvin Award in 2004 and is Senior Member of IEEE since 1984.He is now technical consultant of important utilities and power transformer manufacturers.
Mauri Flavio
ENEL Distribuzione, Italy

Flavio Mauri was born in Milan in 1966. After the electrical degree, in 1990 he joined the Enel Electrical Centre of Research in Milan. In 2000 he moved to Enel Distribuzione Headquarters Department in Rome where he is mainly working in the field of power transformers and other network components.
Presently he is the Chairman of the Italian mirror committee of IEC TC 14 and also involved in several IEC working groups for the international standardisation.

Kapila Shubhender
University of Missouri, Rolla, Missouri (USA)
Endowed Professor of Natural Product and Environmental Chemistry, University of Missouri, Rolla, Missouri (USA). He has been involved in environmental chemistry issues such as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in varied matrices including insulating mineral oils for more than 25 years.
Herlenius Nils 
Ergon Europe MEA Inc., (Belgium)
Nils Herlenius has been working with transformer oils for more than 15 years and is well known as a speaker at many utilities and OEMS in the industry. 10 years’ experience within Nynas and another 5 years within Ergon. Has a Ms. Chem Engineering Degree and an Executive MBA. Presently position at Ergon Europe MEA as Sales & Technical Manager for Transformer oils.
Cavallini Andrea 

Andrea Cavallini was born on 21/12/1963. On december 1990 he obtained the laurea degree in electrical engineering from the University of Bologna. From 1991 to 1994 he was a PhD student in electrical engineering at the Department of Electrical Engineering in the same University. He obtained the PhD in 1995. From 1995 to 1998 he was researcher at the Ferrara University. Since 1998 he is associate professor at the University of Bologna. He teaches the courses of "Reliability and Statistics for Electrical Systems", “Maintenance and Diagnostics of Electrical Systems”.
Andrea Cavallini works in the research fields relevant to endurance modeling and diagnostics of insulation systems. In particular, his research activity is focused, on one side, on the physics of partial discharge (PD) phenomena (physical/stochastic modeling of PD phenomena, effect of waveshape, frequency, positions of defects etc. on PD phenomena). On the other side, he is involved in research concerning PD identification in different types of apparatus (cables, rotating machines, transformers, GIS) with different types of insulation systems (polymeric, epoxy/mica, paper/oil, gas). PD source identification is carried out resorting to artificial intelligence and signal processing techniques.
Andrea Cavallini was the Italian representative in the SC D1 (Materials and Emerging Technologies) of the Cigrè and IEEE member. He is co-founder of the University spin-off TechImp Spa and IEEE DEIS Adcom member.
Van Peteghem Julie 
van peteghem
Laborelec (GDF Suez), Belgium
Graduated as Chemical Engineer at university of Ghent , Belgium
Expert Condition monitoring of transformers through oil analyses at Laborelec in the department “Insulating Fliuds and Lubricants” of Laborelec, the R&D center of GDF Suez.

Member of several IEC and Cigré working groups
Brazier David 
Omicron, (UK)
David Brazier began his engineering career at GEC Power Transformers Stafford in 1986 as a test technician. During his time at GEC/ALSTOM, he progressed from technician to type test facilities manager, covering a range of products including; power transformers; high voltage current and voltage transformers and HVDC schemes.
David moved to Siemens transportation Systems in 2003 as the Engineering Manager of the Railway Electrification business, his role changed to Sales Manager for Siemens Rail Infrastructure Electrification in 2008.
He Joined OMICRON Electronics in 2009 and is currently the Area Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland.
In 2003 David was awarded a first class honours Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from Staffordshire University, with Chartered Engineer status being attained in 2005
Williams Vaughan 
Part of the development team of SF6 tester
Sales director for EMT Ltd