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My Transfo  is the most important European conference on the Management of fleets of transformers and
insulating fluids
. The appointment with the My Transfo 2012 is for 21st and 22nd November in Turin at the Automobile National Museum.
Since 2002, with biennial frequency, always in Turin, My Transfo is a unique opportunity to make comparisons, for enrichment and technical-professional updating for all operators in the sector. The last edition (2010) received unanimous plaudits; the numerous innovations implemented contributed to make the event more dynamic with a higher interaction with the participants and the experts. My Transfo 2012 shall continue this trend; we want that every participant can confront with the others and, most of all, with the gurus participating to the Meeting.


The last My Transfo hosted 25 speakers of world renown level, 108 participants representing 67 companies in 19 Countries and 4 continents. All the editions of the My Transfo proposed contents of the highest level and also this year we shall be pleased to host the best experts for each application sector; these are some of the topics that shall be discussed:
- SF6, characteristics, performances, new applications
- Maintenance strategies of complex fleets of equipment
- Special materials and insulating oils of a new generation

- Analysis and advanced technical diagnostics using on-line measurement
- Normative updating
- State of the art on the corrosive sulfur problem
- Analysis of losses related to insurance premiums

The interventions shall mostly take place in a plenary contest, however, during the two days event, sessions with educational and iper- scientific scopes shall be offered. The My Transfo 2012 shall be a moment for sharing and divulging know-how, not only among reputed professionals, but also for all those young managers that shall have the opportunity of enriching their professional competences thanks to those that have achieved a known experience at international level. The interventions shall be mostly in English, with simultaneous translations into Italian, French and Spanish *.


A.C.S.M. S.p.a. (Italy); Acciona Eolica (Italy); ACQUEDOTTO DEL MONFERRATO (Italy); Alpiq Produzione  (Italy); Aluminium Bahrain (Bahrain); AMPERE SPA (Italy); Ansaldo Energia S.P.A (Italy); Azienda Energetica Reti spa (Italy); BIH Technology Ltd (Canada); Calenia Energia S.p.A (Italy); CEI - Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano (Italy); CERN (Switzerland); DONG Energy, Wind Power A/S (Denmark); EDF (France); EDF Luminus (Belgium); EDF R&D (France); EDISON SPA (Italy); Electrical Oil Services Ltd (UK); ELETROBRAS FURNAS (Brazil); Energotech SA (Romania); Eni spa (Italy); Enipower spa (Italy); Eon Produzione SpA (Italy); ERDF (France); ERGON EUROPE MEA Inc (Belgium); Fondazione Willy Brandt (Italy); Furnas Centrais El├ętricas S.A (Brazil); General Constraction S.p.A (Italy); IREN Energia S.p.A. (Italy); LABELEC, SA (Portugal); LES ATELIERS AM (Morocco); National Grid (UK); Nuclearelectrica SA (Romania); Nynas srl (Italy); Oil Control Transformers (Italy); OKSMAN (France); PARTENOPE AMBIENTE SPA (Italy); Qualitas SA (Peru); REN REDE ELECTRICA NACIONAL, SA (Portugal); Repsol (Spain); SMART SA (Romania); SOLVAY (Italy); Sorgenia Puglia (Italy); SYSTEME S.A. (CHILE); TECHSEN Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia); Terna (Italy); TES (Italy); TEYSEER MOTORS (Qatar); Trafotech, Lda. (Portugal); Transelectrica SA (Romania); TRANSFO SERVICES (France); Trenitalia (Italy); University of Southampton (UK); Verbunt (Austria); Weidmann Electrical Technology AG (Switzerland); Yara (Italy);


Managers of electric equipment fleets, producers and suppliers of services, risk managers, utility engineers, consultants, researchers ( in electric, environmental and technical fluids fields) asset managers, insurance companies, maintenance technicians, engineers involved with the management of high voltage systems, laboratory managers.

*The translation in Spanish shall be offered only when a minimum quantity of requests shall be received (at full discretion by the Organisers)