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23rd November, 2010 - Topic: Oil

  Speakers TITLE
8.45   Registration
9.15   Instituctional opening
9.30 Mr Vander Tumiatti
Sea Marconi (Italy)
Welcome and award of the "Viktor Sokolov Memorial Lecturer"
10.00 Mr Duval Michel
Hydro-Quebec (Canada)
Recent Developments on Dissolved Gas Analysis
10.30 Mr Rasco Jimmy
Ergon (USA)
Insulating mineral oil: characteristics of new products, quality and use of additives
11.00   Discussion
moderated by: prof. Napoli,

Mrs Atanasova
Hoehlein Ivanka, Siemens AG (Germany)
Mr Rasco Jimmy, Ergon (USA)
Mr Lars Arvidsson, Vp diagnose (Sweden)
Mr Marchiori Claudio,TERNA (Italy)
12.30   Lunch
14.00 Prof. Kapila Shubhen
Rolla University of Missouri (USA)
Advanced analytical techniques for transformer oil investigation [GC/MS/MS, triple quadrupole, HPLC/MS, HPLC/ELSD, ...)]
14.30 Mrs Atanasova-Hoehlein Ivanka
Siemens AG (Germany)
Conductive and Insulating Materials for Transformers manufacturing: specifications, properties and applicable tests
15.00 Mr Scatiggio Fabio
TERNA (Italy)
Long Term Stability of Insulating Mineral Oils Following their Corrosive Sulfur Removal
15.30   Discussion
16.00 Mr Salvatella Miguel Angel
ENDESA (Spain)
Endesa experience, corrosive sulfur cases in Spain and Latin America
16.30   Discussion
16.45 Prof. Pompili Massimo
La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)
PD Measurement in Insulating Liquids: Meaning and Standard Development
17.15   Discussion and closing of the day
Parallel session (only english language)
16.00 Mr Maina Riccardo
Sea Marconi (Italy)
Monitoring of transformer oil properties and degradation
16.30   Discussion
16.45 Mr Actis Riccardo
Sea Marconi (Italy)
Insulating Oil treatments overview
17.15   Discussion
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24th November, 2010 - Topic: Transformer

8.45   Welcome
9.00 Mr Ronny Mertens
CG Holdings Belgium MV (Belgium)
Evolution of transformers design, last manufacturing tendency. Secrets for a life cycle enhancement
9.30 Mr Mauri Flavio
ENEL Distribuzione (Italy)
Power transformers in Enel-Distribuzione, present situation, improvements in progress and future scenario
10.00 Mr Georg Daemisch
Daemisch Transformer Consult (Germany)
OAE (Optimized Asset Exploitation/“Substanzbewirtschaftung)"
10.30   Discussion
11.00 Mr Boss Pierre
Power transformers, technical developments, trends and challenges
11.45 Prof. Bossi Antonio
Mr Bergonzi Ivan

High temperature insulating materials for liquid-immersed large power transformers
12.30   Lunch
14.00 Mr Maina Riccardo
Sea Marconi (Italy)
Monitoring and Inspection of Faulty Transformers
14.30   Discussion
14.45 Mr Napoli Roberto
Polytechnic of Turin (Italy)
Transformer faults: a case history with several actors, including corrosive sulfur
15.15   Discussion
15.30 Mr Grisaru Marius
Mr Vladimir Netes

Israel Electric (Israel)
Transformers maintenance chemical test based
16.00   Discussion
16.15 Mr Wilson Gordon
National Grid (UK)
Power transformer asset management & scoring model: National Grid experience
16.45   Discussion
17.00 Mr Bellessort Michel
EDF (France)
ERDF, maintenance strategies of the main fleet of Transformers in Europe
17.30   Discussion
17.40   Closing
Parallel session (only english language)
14.45 Mr Tozzi Marco
Techimp HQ Srl (Italy)
Global monitoring for power transformers: PD, DGA and tandelta
15.15   Discussion
15.30 Mr Loic Charlot
SERGI France
Prevention of oil-filled transformers explosion by a fast depressurization strategy
16.00   Discussion
16.15 Mrs Ratzke Stephanie
Omicron energy (Austria)
On site and online tests for power transformers
16.45   Discussion
17.00 Mr Arvidsson Lars
Vp diagnose (Sweden)
The importance of Factory Testing; a case study of a modern design transformer being tested
17.30   Discussion

Considering the many novelties we reserve the right to make changes to the program