MTE-DasotecMTE‘s product portfolio for meter test equipment as well as our power quality analyzers and transformer monitoring systems are renowned for their innovation, high quality, reliability, accuracy and functionality. Analysis of the gases dissolved in power transformer oil is recognized as the most useful tool for early detection and diagnosis of incipient faults in transformers. The cost effectiveness of online dissolved gas analysis (DGA) and control systems are gaining importance worldwide.
With its comprehensive product range for the online monitoring of transformers, MTE offers both the enhancing of the transformer lifetime and the contribution to a more secure high-voltage power transmission. DASOTEC: exclusive representatives throughout Italy.This is our mission: to offer our customers the safety and due protection of their systems and machinery, guaranteeing their reliability and a prolonged life cycle. We support customers with cutting-edge solutions and valuable products with the aim of giving awareness and tranquillity on the status and condition of their investments and systems. In this way, our customers will identify problems in advance and will have the opportunity to intervene and plan appropriately the necessary activities, saving time and preventing costly out of service of the plants. Our offer includes components and measurement instruments and tests used in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity.