Energy Support

energy support 1Energy Support is a leading supplier of portable and Laboratory gas chromatographs especially for dissolved gas analysis. We all know DGA analysis is otherwise know as the Blood Test for Transformer. Well this statement verifies the very importance of such test and therefore it becomes very important that both the test and the instrument used for performing such test needs to be very accurate, it should cover all the aspect of analysis by detecting all the required parameters without questioning the importance of the same.

The very purpose of establishing DGA is to perform diagnosis and have an idea of fault at a very initial stage itself, so then why do we need to compromise on the quality and parameters of the Instrument performing such test? During the past 15 years Energy Support have constantly improved the quality and reliability of the equipment. We use a mercury free degassing unit and a GC according ASTM 3612. We analyze 11 Gases and measure the Total Gas Content.Calibration comes with our certified Calibration Gas and you can analyze all Transformeroils. The components are manufactured Made in Germany.