DE.PUR.O.L.L. ING. ZAMARA di Zamara Ivangiorgio

DE.PUR.O.L.L. ING. ZAMARA has been operating in the field of industrial oil purification since 1980, thanks to the 30 years of experience gained in the lubricants sector by its creator, Eng. Zamara Ildofranco, first in the technical department of the navy, and later in one of the world’s largest lubricant manufacturers. DE.PUR.O.L.L. ING. ZAMARA produces power units for the integral purification of oils and lubricants, offered for sale or rent.
These purifiers are able to solve the problems that occur in the operating machines due to causes of charge pollution and also specializes in the analysis service (ANAD) of oils, carried out with the most modern technologies in the field.
Our service is already extended to factories such as paper mills, sugar mills, cement factories, steel mills and others, with excellent results in a wide variety of problems.
Integral purification involves hydraulic, lubrication, diathermic and cutting oils of gearboxes, turboalternators, shoe centr., dryers and flushing of new plants.
We can affirm that, comforted by a long experience in the various sectors of industry, what is prospected is always of sure interest and economically profitable for the cost containment of the final product.

Services offered

The treatment can be carried out with purifiers that, also operating under high vacuum, together with micro-filtering elements, are able to eliminate all traces of water and reduce the content of solid contaminants, guaranteeing the perfect reusability of the product.
To facilitate our customers, the equipment we manufacture, in addition to offering it for sale, can be given temporarily for rent for the time needed for specific needs, or it can be provided with a Long Term Rental, being able to choose various options at the end of the rental period (purchase, other rental period, model change etc.). This equipment is designed and manufactured to specific needs.
– ANALYSIS: Lubricant inspection service to determine the condition of the lubricant and the machine in which it is in use by SPECTROMETRY ICP, FT-IR, H2O, acidity, purity class, etc.
– FILTERS: Supply of domestically manufactured filter cartridges compatible to the most popular brands with the highest warranties and very favourable quotations.


Client Field of activity
Enel Hydroelectric production
Riva Acciai Steel production
Cartiere Burgo Group Paper production
Cartiere Soffas Paper production
Gruppo Stevanato Pharmaceutical glass production
Rolls-Royce Cogeneration engines
Shell Italia Lubricants
IREN Energia Energy production
Edison Energy production
Engie Energy production
Raffineria di Milazzo Petroleum products
Lyonell Basell Polymers production
Acciaierie Venete Steels
SKA Plastics-breeding