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The transformers at the time of the Egyptians

Each edition of the My Transfo, at the end of the first day work, always gave to the participants an original and engaging leisure activity. I remember the excitement during the visit of the Turin Automobile Museum on the occasion of the My Transfo 2012 or the curious eyes in front of the works of contemporary art during the visit of the FSRR in occasion of the My Transfo 2014.

This year the activity scheduled is really amazing, is certainly the most important tourist destination of Turin and is among the most exclusive museums in Italy. Surely you already understood I am talking about a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Turin.
Just like that, all participants in the My Transfo 2016 will have the opportunity to visit behind closed doors the Egyptian Museum of Turin, accompanied by professional guides who will describe the precious artefacts in the four languages of the My Transfo.


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