My Transfo 2016 beats his record of participants and confirms to be the European leader Conference for updating and professional development in the field of management of electrical equipment with insulating fluids. The speakers, among the leading experts in the world, shared with the participants their latest researches, methods and useful case histories outlining the future maintenance strategies to overcome the current difficulties in managing of electrical transformers, accessories and oils.


Digital or hard copy

The Conference Proceedings are available in two formats, the printed and the digital

A. Paper format

Proceedings of My Transfo

Format: A4 color
: english
Pages: 144

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Price160 € (VAT and shipping costs included)

Paper format Proceedings do not include the Power Point presentations showed during the conference

B. Digital format

Proceedings of My Transfo  IMG_5314_resize

Format: pdf file loaded in a 4 GB USB key
with the familiar lanyard neck strap
: english
File size
: 8,37 MB
The USB key contains a digital version of the conference proceedings
(see the list of paper included in the hard copy) and all presentations shown
at the conference converted to PDF format

Price120 € (VAT and shipping costs included)

Digital format Proceedings also include all Power Point presentations (as pdf files) showed during the conference

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